Military Haircuts – Great Hairstyle Options for Men

Military haircuts have recently become popular after having been the chosen hairstyles for military men in the first and second world wars. In terms of hair length, military haircuts are always shorter than two inches in length and usually less than one inch in length. Military haircuts use the hair clipper as the tool to keep the hair short and neat although some skilled barbers will also use hair-cutting shears to give the final touches.

For hairstyling products, the military haircuts can be styled with waxes, pomades, hair gel and styling creams, and I recommend you to check out this Men’s Hair Forum thread on best hair products for men for some good recommendations on men’s hair products that deliver good results and that are recommended by the hair professionals there.

A man with a high and tight which is a military haircut

Military haircuts are convenient and this convenience stems from the need to have good visibility during battle. The length of the hair in any of the military haircuts will never reach the eyebrows and will never touch the collarbone, hence short and neat hairstyles are chosen to go with military haircuts.

The ten military haircuts

Depending on the source, the military haircuts will encompass eight to twelve different haircuts. However, the haircuts that are established among military men are:

  • High and Tight: clipped very short with some length on the top.
  • Recon: like the High and Tight but smaller area of hair on the top of the head.
  • Fade: hair is clipped very short in a taper on the sides and back.
  • Undercut: the hair is clipped near shaved on the sides and back, emulating a bowl cut.
  • Crew Cut: the hair is clipped in a fade and the front is slightly longer than the back.
  • Butch: the hair is clipped with a guard number three or four all around the head.
  • Burr or Induction Cut: the hair is clipped with no guard all around the head.
  • Regulation cut: the hair is clipped in a fade leaving whitewalls on the back and sides of the head.
  • Flat Top: the hair is clipped with a fade and the hair on the top trimmed so that it forms a flat surface when brushed up.
  • Brush Cut: the hair is trimmed following the shape of the skull and then brushed up.

A military man with a Flat Top haircut

Popularity of the military haircuts among the different ranks

Among the Marines, the Recon and High and Tight haircut are the most popular hairstyles; in the Navy, the most popular haircut is a Crew Cut and, in the Air Force, the most popular haircut is the Regulation Cut and the Flat Top haircut.

The military haircuts (ten as per our list) offer comfortable, low maintenance and convenient hair styles for men no matter their profession or lifestyle. As savid i the previous lines, the military haircuts are becoming more and more popular as men are starting to widen their range of personal fashion expressions!

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Samuel Jacobs